The Best Features Of HTC's Windows Phone 8x

htc windows phone 8x

Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

We think HTC’s new Windows Phone 8x is the best Windows Phone you can buy.Make sure you read our full review here and check out the gallery below for a visual tour of the latest and greatest features.

The 8x has a solid polycarbonate plastic body. It's incredibly sturdy, but still light.

The edges are tapered so it feels thinner than it actually is.

The screen is incredibly sharp and bright. It's on par with the displays found on other top-tier smartphones.

Windows Phone 8 lets you completely customise your home screen with Live Tiles that display real-time information from your apps.

The power button at the top is almost flush with the the body, making it tough to press sometimes.

The HTC 8x has a standard USB charging port, but you can also buy a wireless charging pad.

Here you can see the dedicated camera shutter button.

The camera takes great stills, but it's not as good as the camera on the Nokia Lumia 920.

HTC partnered with Beats Audio to boost the sound quality.

Microsoft's app store is missing a lot of standard apps like Instagram and Dropbox. However, you can still find plenty of alternative apps.

And there are plenty of apps like this beautifully-designed New York Times reader.

The 8x uses a mobile version of Internet Explorer to browse the web.

U.S. carriers like AT&T pre-load the 8x with their own apps and services. Luckily, you can easily delete them.

The 8x is only slightly thicker than the iPhone 5 and feels just as light.

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