The Company Behind One Of The Best Android Phones You Can Buy May Launch Its Own Fitbit Competitor

Fitbit chargeFitbitThe Fitbit Charge (not affiliated with HTC)

HTC is planning to unveil a fitness tracker at a press event on March 1, according to Forbes.

Several reports, including one from Bloomberg earlier this week and another from CNET published in September, suggested HTC was building a smartwatch.

Forbes’ source, however, says this isn’t the case and that the company is working on a fitness band instead.

HTC is working with Under Armour on the device, which it announced a partnership with earlier this month. Bloomberg reports that HTC’s new gadget will work with Under Armour’s fitness service, and Forbes says the upcoming HTC One M9 phone will also probably ship with the app.

The company will also take the wraps off its new One M9 smartphone at the event too, which is expected to be a modest step-up from its current One M8.

HTC has been trying to position itself as more of a consumer technology brand rather than just a smartphone company over the past several months.

We’ve seen the company expand into new product categories late last year when it released its first standalone camera, the HTC Re, and it partnered with Google for the Nexus 9 tablet, too. Now, it seems like the company is getting into wearables to take that idea even further.

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