Is HTC Building Its Own Version Of Android For Tablets?

peter chou HTC

HTC, the big Taiwanese electronics firm, already has its own interface layer which it puts on top of its Android phones, called HTC Sense.

TheNextWeb uncovered a trademark filing by HTC for something called HTC Sensation. It’s a very broad trademark, but it includes “user interface software.” It would make sense that it’s an evolution of HTC Sense for Android tablets.

If so, that highlights a big problem for Android, in tablets in particular, which is fragmentation. Fragmentation means that with so many different versions of Android and Android devices out there, it’s hard for developers to make apps that run everywhere. Apple’s mobile operating system iOS is much less fragmented (though more fragmented than some Apple fans admit).

If HTC, Samsung, Motorola et al. all come out with their subtly different flavours of Android, that might make it harder to attract developers to compete, and in turn harder for Android to compete with Apple in the already crowded tablet market.

Here’s a screenshot of the trademark application:

htc sensation trademark

Photo: TheNextWeb

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