HTC Announced A Mini Version Of The Best Android Phone On The Planet

htc one miniThe HTC One Mini.

HTC announced today a smaller, cheaper version of its flagship HTC One phone called the HTC One Mini.

The device, which has been rumoured for several months now, has a smaller 4.3-inch display (versus the 4.7-inch screen on the full-sized One), but has just about every other hardware and software feature.

That goes for design too. The HTC One Mini has the same gorgeous metal-and-glass look as its big brother.

It looks like HTC took the original phone and shrunk everything down.

HTC did not announce when the One Mini will go on sale and how much it will cost. In an interview with Business Insider, HTC President Mike Woodward also would not comment on when the full-sized HTC One would come to Verizon, even though both companies said the phone would arrive this summer.

There is one software extra the HTC One Mini will have that the full-sized One doesn’t have yet: the ability to import Instagram photos directly to your home screen with HTC’s Blinkfeed app. On HTC phones, Blinkfeed replaces your regular home screen with a photo-intensive menu of news and social network updates.

The HTC One Mini is also missing an infrared blaster, meaning you can’t use it as a TV remote control like you can with the full-sized HTC One.

That’s really all you need to know about the HTC One Mini. It’s pretty much the same phone, squished down into a smaller package. And that’s a good thing. Many, including us, think the HTC One is the best Android phone available. Making it smaller and cheaper just means more people can get it.

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