Here Are The Best Features Of HTC's Newest Smartphone, The One

htc one remote control appThe HTC One can act as a universal remote for your TV.

HTC’s new flagship phone, the One, is easily the most beautiful Android phone we’ve ever used. It even rivals the iPhone 5’s design. 

You can read our full review of the HTC One here, and check out gorgeous photos of the phone in the gallery below.

Here's the HTC One. It's big and beautiful. It has a 4.7-inch display that can show full HD video.

It has what HTC calls an Ultrapixel camera, which is really just a fancy way to say it takes great photos in low light.

It has shiny edges just like the iPhone 5.

Those silver buttons on the side are the volume controls

The black power button doubles as an infrared blaster that can be used to control your TV.

You can control your TV with this special app. It sucks in data from your cable or satellite provider. Just tap a show to change the channel.

It has Beats Audio built in, which really just means the volume is louder than normal.

Here's the speaker at the bottom.

Here's the lock screen. It's fully customisable, meaning you can choose what apps appear at the bottom and what kind of notifications you see.

Blinkfeed is the new default home screen for the HTC One. It pulls in stories shared on Facebook, Twitter, and a variety of news sources like ESPN, AP, Reuters, and Business Insider.

Here's the front-facing camera for video chatting.

HTC tweaked a lot of Android's basic menus. Here's what the list of apps looks like.

The camera has a lot of special software features too. You can add Instagram-like filters here.

A new feature called Zoe lets you take short video clips...

...and then select the frame of the video that you want to share.

The HTC One is a lot bigger than the iPhone 5.

But it's also slightly thicker.

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