Google Just Announced The Best Android Phone Ever Made

htc one google edition

Google announced today that it will sell a version of HTC’s flagship One smartphone running a clean version of Android starting June 26 for $599.

Android boss Sundar Pichai made the announcement at AllThingsD’s D11 conference.

The “Google Edition” One phone will strip out all the extra software features from HTC and run the stock version of Google’s operating system instead. It’ll also receive software updates directly from Google.

Google will sell the unlocked phone through its Google Play online store, and it will work on AT&T or T-Mobile if you insert your SIM card.

So what makes this the HTC One Google Edition the best Android phone?

Typically, HTC, Samsung, and other manufactures like to modify Android and add their own features. However, all those extras mean most phones don’t get timely software updates and often miss out on the newest features Google adds to Android. With a “Google Edition” phone like this new HTC One, you’re guaranteed to get the best new Android features as soon as they’re available.

Plus, the HTC One is a gorgeous phone. It’s the first time an Android manufacturer has really doubled down on design and build quality to create a fantastic metal device. If you have the cash, you should buy it.

Google will also sell a Google Edition of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 on June 26 for $649. It announced that phone two weeks ago at its I/O developers conference.

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