HTC's New Smartphone Looks Like It's Going To Be Another Flop

HTC’s new One may be the best Android smartphones on the market, but the Taiwanese smartphone maker is still struggling to step out of Samsung’s shadow in the North American smartphone market.

HTC’s smartphones only account for 8.4% of Web traffic coming from Android handsets in North America, online advertising network Chitika Insights reports.

This is only a sliver of Samsung’s percentage in this area. The Korea-based smartphone maker commands 61.7% of Android smartphone Web traffic in the United States and Canada. Basically, this means there are way more people using Android phones made by Samsung than any other electronics vendor.

The report also found that adoption of HTC’s new One is lower than its predecessor after its first week of availability. The company’s new flagship only accounts for 0.1 per cent of HTC’s Web traffic, while the previous generation One was responsible for 1 per cent of Web traffic coming from its devices one week following its launch. The company’s One smartphones combined account for 40 per cent of Web traffic coming from HTC’s devices, Chitika also found.

This is bad for HTC. While its phone has been critically acclaimed, it has failed to connect with consumers. The new HTC One looks a lot like last year’s HTC phone, so it’s hard to believe much is going to change.

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