Check Out HTC's Newest Android, Facebook Phones And Its Tablet

htc wildfire s

Photo: HTC

Today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, HTC unveiled not one or two but six new devices: five phones and a tablet.What do they have in common?

Basically two words: Android and Facebook.

It’s no secret that HTC is a big Android booster. It’s thanks to Android that HTC managed to go from a little-known Taiwanese OEM to a true consumer brand with impressive marketshare gains in the past few years. These new devices are no exception.

What’s more interesting is the Facebook integration: HTC is integrating Facebook tightly into the devices and clearly wants to be known as a maker of “social” devices. It remains to be seen how well that works in practice.

Some of the devices also have a big focus on gaming, which makes sense.

Here they are all together. Nice.

Here are the HTC Salsa and HTC ChaCha. They have a dedicated Facebook button that makes it easier to share all the stuff you're doing.

This is the new version of the HTC Desire S. It has a faster processor and high def video. Nice.

That's the HTC Flyer tablet. Looks pretty neat. Oriented towards productivity and gaming.

Here's the new HTC Incredible S. This one is for video fans, with a high definition screen and surround sound.

And finally, HTC Wildfire S. This one is smaller and has several colours (though we think all of them are bland).

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