LEAKED: HTC's Next Flagship Phone Will Probably Be Even Bigger

HTC’s next flagship phone, the HTC M8 Prime, might be even bigger than its 5-inch predecessor, according to a leaked image from Twitter user @evleaks.

@Evleaks almost always gets gadget leaks correct, so there’s good reason to believe he’s right about this one.

The new phone will be 5.5 inches, but will otherwise look essentially the same. The only other difference was that the camera juts out, instead of being flat like it is now.

As TechCrunch pointed out, that could mean that HTC has tried to amp up its camera, which Business Insider editor Steve Kovach said takes pictures that are only “good enough” in his review of the M8.

@Evleaks says that the new phone will be “coming soon.”

Here’s the render of the device from @evleaks:

Here’s an up-close of the camera:

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