HTC Is Working On An Affordable 7-Inch Windows RT Tablet, Sources Say

microsoft surface tablet

HTC has apparently bowed out of its plans to build a 10-inch tablet using the version of Windows 8 known as Windows RT.

But it still plans to produce a 7-inch RT tablet, reports Bloomberg’s Dina Bass.

RT tablets use ARM processors for long battery life but they can’t run any Windows 7 software. They can only run the new-style Windows 8 software (once called “Metro.”)

It’s not surprising HTC will focus on a smaller, less expensive RT tablet. To date there have been no Windows 8 tablets smaller than 10-inches, which has helped keep prices high and demand low.

Only about 200,000 Windows RT tablets, including Microsoft’s own Surface, shipped in the first quarter, according to IDC. In April, Dell’s head of tablet business also confirmed weak demand for Dell’s RT tablet.

rumours have even circulated that Microsoft could kill RT, though Microsoft denied that and vowed it would make RT better over time.

Smaller, super affordable tablets is likely the niche where RT has a chance to succeed. HTC’s is expected to arrive in the fall, Bass reports.

It could have to compete with low-priced Windows 8 tablet that can run Windows 7 software, too. Outgoing Intel CEO Paul Otellini said that full-fledged Windows 8 tablets, priced between $300-$400, were coming this fall as well.

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