HTC Implodes: Top Product Officer Leaves

peter chou htc

Things are going from bad to worse for HTC.

Chief Product Officer Kouji Kodera has left the company, Chris Ziegler at The Verge reports. Kodera was responsible for HTC’s overall product strategy.

He’s not the only person leaving. A bunch of other HTC employees are jumping ship as the company has failed to respond to Samsung’s dominance of the Android smartphone market.

HTC released the One, which is widely believed to be the best Android phone on the market. However, production problems delayed its launch, and it just doesn’t have the brand power, distribution, or marketing of Samsung to compete with the Galaxy S4.

HTC is also stinging from the failed launch of a Facebook phone running “Home,” the software that Facebook built for Android.

Unless the One can break out and become a big hit, it’s looking very bleak for HTC.

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