HTC Rushing To Release An Android Tablet Before Motorola's Xoom

peter chou HTC

HTC is planning on launching a tablet named Flyer in March, DigiTimes reports.

If it launches by March, DigiTimes sources say it would beat Motorola’s Xoom tablet to market. Motorola hasn’t officially announced a release date for its tablet, only saying Q1 in its release.

Interestingly, the Flyer tablet will ship with Android 2.3, which is not designed for tablets. It’s just a scaled up version of the Android OS. However, DigiTimes says people will be able to upgrade to Android 3.0 after the fact.

While it’s nice to be first to market, this is probably a mistake from HTC.

Previously, Android boss Andy Rubin said Google was working closely with Motorola on Android 3.0, the first version of the OS designed specifically with tablets in mind.

Presumably, Google, Motorola, and Verizon (the carrier partner) are all going to market the heck out of the Xoom.

Launching the Flyer to beat them by a week with the weaker marketing push and weaker OS seems like a recipe for failure.

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