Hands-On Photos Of The New Facebook Phone, The HTC First

htc first android apps

The HTC First is a new Android phone from HTC that’s the first to ship with Facebook Home out of the box. 

Facebook Home is a new Android app from Facebook that replaces your regular Android home screen with Facebook services and features. 

You can read our full review of Facebook Home and the HTC First here. Check out the gallery below for a visual tour of how it all works.

The HTC First has a simple design. It's basically just a black rectangle with rounded edges.

There's a USB charging port on the side.

It looks similar to the old iPhone 3GS.

Here's the rear camera.

Here's Cover Feed, the new home screen on Facebook Home. It replaces your regular Android home screen. This is what it looks like when you get a notification from another app. Tap to view.

Voila! The notification takes you directly to the app.

Here's Cover Feed. You can swipe around to get more status updates, photos, etc. from your friends. Let's take a look...

Looks nice, right?

You can comment on or like a post from these buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The thumbs up icon turns blue after you like a post.

Here's what commenting looks like.

Now let's access the other stuff. Tap the screen and you'll see your Facebook photo show up at the bottom. Now tap and hold your photo.

Now you drag your photo to access Facebook Messenger, your full list of apps, or your most recently used app.

Here's what it looks like when you view the rest of your Android apps.

Chat Heads are how you send texts and Facebook messages. When a new message arrives, your friend's Facebook photo pops up. Tap to view.

Now you can read and respond to your friend's message. You don't even have to leave the app you were just using.

To close a message, tap and drag the Chat Head to the X at the bottom of the screen.

Now check out another HTC phone...

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