HTC’s Facebook Phone Might Be Discontinued, But AT&T Says No Decision Has Been Made

htc first close chat head

The HTC First, the only device to ship with Facebook’s new Facebook Home app, might be discontinued, even though it’s only been on the market for about a month. 

The news was originally reported by Zach Epstein of BGR, but AT&T, HTC, and Facebook would not comment on whether or not the news was true. Epstein reports that AT&T has decided to stop selling the phone and will return all remaining inventory to HTC.

The First seemed like it was in trouble from the beginning. Critics said Facebook Home, an app that adds a Facebook-flavored wrapper to Android phones and hides your regular apps, was only good for those who are obsessed with Facebook. AT&T dropped the price of the First from $99 to $0.99 last week, fueling speculation that the phone wasn’t selling well. One source close to Facebook told us last week that the First was a flop.

The only official statement we were able to get from any of the companies involved came from AT&T. The company denies that it has made a decision to stop selling the First and says the price drop is just a promotion.

“As mentioned previously, we do pricing promotions all the time and have made no decisions on future plans,” an AT&T spokesperson said.