Peter Thiel's VC firm is reportedly planning to lead a $15 million investment into HQ Trivia at a $100 million valuation

Getty/Jeff Bottari
  • Gameshow app HQ Trivia is reportedly in funding talks with one of the top San Francisco venture capital firms, Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund.
  • Recode reports that the firm intends to lead a $US15 million funding round which would value the company at $US100 million.
  • The round has yet to close.

The popular live gameshow app HQ Trivia is in talks with Peter Thiel’s venture capital firm, Founders Fund, for a $US15 million funding round that would value the company at more than $US100 million, according to a report by Recode.

Founders Fund partner Cyan Banister is leading the talks and would join HQ Trivia’s company board as part of the terms of the investment, according to Recode’s sources.

The livestreamed quiz show app, co-founded by Vine and Twitter alum Colin Kroll and Rus Yusupov, debuted in November 2017 and regularly receives more than 1 million players per game. The app garnered interest from investors early on, though some of that interest was said to simmer following a December report alleging a history of misconduct and “creepy” behaviour toward women by Kroll. According to Recode, Founders Fund investigated the allegations.

The round reportedly hasn’t closed. Founders Fund was not immediately available to comment on the fundraising report.Read more over on Recode.

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