HQ Trivia is making a major change to the game by offering players a way to win prize money that doesn't require getting every question right

HQ TriviaHQ Trivia’s new hosting team includes Sharon Carpenter, Lauren Gambino, Sharon Carpenter, Matt Richards, and Anna Roisman.

HQ Trivia, the live game show app that offers players real cash prizes, is introducing a new way to give players a better chance of taking home money earlier in the game.

Starting May 22nd, players will be able to win cash prizes for answering specific questions correctly. If players manage to score a cash bonus, they can choose to drop out and keep their winnings, or continue playing for a chance at a bigger prize.

Previously, only players who answered every question correctly got a share of the prize money.

HQ has also found a replacement for the recently departed Scott Rogowsky: On Tuesday, HQ will welcome Matt Richards as its full-time host. Richards, an actor and comedian, was previously a part-time host for the show.

The first round of HQ Trivia Season 4 started on May 22nd at 9 p.m. As always, players can join in the game show using the app on their Android or iOS smartphone. HQ will survey players to decide on a theme for the game’s questions, which will let them focus on topics they prefer.

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HQ said that Richards will occasionally share hosting duties with Sharon Carpenter, a British journalist, host, and producer. Comedian Anna Roisman will host HQ Words, a separate game with similarities to “Wheel of Fortune.” And actress Lauren Gambino will host HQ Sports during the new season.

HQ recently bid farewell to longtime host Scott Rogowsky, who left to host the baseball program “ChangeUp” on the streaming service DAZN.

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