HP’s Computing Execs Are Running For The Hills

Flee Running

Samsung has poached a top marketing exec from HP’s personal computers group, well-sourced Taiwan publication DigiTimes reports.

This comes after a report that another top HP computing exec, Todd Bradley, is looking for a CEO gig.

This isn’t surprising: HP has said that it’s not interested in the personal computers hardware business anymore, so of course top talent is going to take other offers.

But, while there’s a strong rationale behind HP’s decision to get out of that business, the way in which it’s doing it leaves to be desired. When IBM got out of the personal computers business, it quietly looked for a buyer and announced the deal. It didn’t go through any drawn-out process that might give execs a reason to go for the door. 

Trite as it sounds, a business’s top asset really is its people. With each exec heading out, that asset loses value. 

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