OUCH: Here Is Another Major Sign That Windows 8 Is A Huge Failure

This weekend HP brought in a blast from the past in an attempt to boost its PC sales.

Windows 7.

In promotional material on its website and email blasts, HP says it’ll start shipping PCs with Windows 7 again due to “popular demand.” And that’s not a good sign for Microsoft, which still bets that its touch-based Windows 8 operating system will reinvigorate the PC market.

Many agree that one of the contributing factors to the PC market’s implosion is Windows 8, which can be hard to operate on the traditional desktops and laptops that many people still use. Despite manufacturer’s best attempts, PC sales continue to decline year over year. In fact, 2013 was the worst year for PC sales, according to research firm Gartner.

Meanwhile, there are a slew of other options for people to choose from, including Chromebooks, the cheap laptops that run Google’s Chrome operating system. Chromebooks are gaining momentum with customers, causing Microsoft to launch some very negative ads. HP has started making a bigger push in Chromebooks too.

Finally, Microsoft is reportedly working on a new version of Windows called Windows 9 that will fix many of the gripes people have with Windows 8. We’ll likely get a tiny preview of Windows 9 at Microsoft’s Build developers conference in April.

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