HP Bashes Apple’s “Fancy” Thunderbolt On iMacs

steve jobs thunderbolt

HP marketing bigwig Xavier Lauwaert spoke to PCWorld yesterday and bashed Apple’s brand new Thunderbolt I/O port that comes standard on new Macs.

He said that HP doesn’t yet have an interest in adding Thunderbolt ports to its computers. They’ll instead put their resources behind USB 3.0, which is quickly gaining traction.

Thunderbolt transfers files to/from peripherals (like cameras and external hard drives) up to 20x faster than USB 2.0, which is what everyone’s using now, and twice as fast as USB 3.0, which is being built into more devices every day.

Thunderbolt was built by Intel and brought to market first by Apple.

This isn’t the first time Apple has introduced a new “open” standard, only to see it not be quickly adopted by other hardware manufacturers. Mini Display Port, the video-out present on most new Macs, has been around since 2008 but took a couple years to see penetration into the PC market.

Many hardware makers like LaCie or Seagate include both USB and Firewire ports (Apple’s trusty old USB competitor), so we wouldn’t be surprised to see both Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 ports on upcoming external hard drives, etc. This shouldn’t be a huge hit to Apple and Intel’s new baby.

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(via 9 to 5 Mac)