Here Are 21 Big, Beautiful Screenshots Of HP's TouchPad WebOS In Action

WebOS 3.0 title image

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Images from a WebOS 3.0 emulator just leaked, and we’ve got all the screenshots demonstrating the best and most essential new features.(In case you missed it, check out this extensive video walkthrough of Web OS 3.0 that we posted yesterday).

The upcoming HP TouchPad incorporates WebOS 3.0, and HP has evidently learned a lot from its competitors. The new operating system takes many cues from Honeycomb and iOS, which we think is a good thing, and expands on many features competitors offer as well.

If HP is going to bring a new operating system into the tablet game, it’ll have to pull together the best features from every other tablet operating system, and it appears that its on the right track.

Aesthetics aside, HP will need developers to get on board and write apps for WebOS to be a real success.

Keep your eye out this June for the TouchPad, and in the meantime, check out our photo walkthrough of WebOS 3.0.

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This is the WebOS 3.0 home screen. Start typing to bring up the search screen.

Tap the top right corner to access essential settings like aeroplane Mode, Rotation Lock, and more.

Here are some search results. We like the tabs at the top to navigate content categories

Here is a taste of WebOS 3.0 notifications. The music app's album-view player sits in the background.

The music app looks good, and is heavily influenced by the iPad's iPod music app.

The photos app looks really good. We like the Facebook integration.

WebOS 3.0 utilizes Bing Maps, which isn't as colourful as we would like it to be, but that's in every version of Bing Maps.

The 3/4 map view Bing just launched looks breathtaking here

This is the Messages screen. It can be expanded, but it is currently in card view for multitasking.

This is the Memos app. Note the large keyboard, which can be switched to a....

...extra small keyboard. We love the ability to customise your keyboard size, because everybody has different sized fingers and every app needs just the right amount of space for typing. We're tired of the iPad keyboard always taking up most of the screen.

This bizarre honeycomb keyboard even has a place in WebOS 3.0

The WebOS 3.0 browser has a nice pop-in pane for Bookmarks, History, and most importantly, Downloads.

The Quickoffice app looks like it will do a good job managing your various cloud drives and files.

WebOS 3.0's Mail app also looks just like the iPad's mail app. This is definitely a good thing.

Here is the Contacts screen.

The calendar app has a nice bar at the top to keep track of your different calendars and turn on/off each calendar's visibility (we assume).

Here is the calendar's day view

The built-in clock takes cues from HTC's Sense UI

Now that you've seen the ins and outs of WebOS 3.0....

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