HP's PC Sales Crashed 20% And Now Meg Whitman Is Distancing Herself From Windows 8

Meg Whitman SmilingHP CEO Meg Whitman

Investors were happy enough with HP’s beat on its earnings-per-share to drive the stock up over 13% in after hours trading (so far).

But there were still some shocking numbers in its quarter, like how PC revenues tanked 20% year over year.

Back in January, 2012, Whitman was saying about Windows 8, “We have to stick with this. I am a believer.”

On Wednesday, during a conference call with Wall Street Analysts, Whitman played up HP’s  non-Windows devices every chance she got: the $339 Pavilion 14 Chromebook laptop  launched in February, and the $169 Slate 7 Android tablet launched last month.

She explained that her strategy in the PC business is now to use “multiple operating systems, multiple architectures and multiple form factors. We are moving quickly to produce the devices that customers want,” she said, adding: “Following the launch of our first Chromebook in February, we launched the new Slate 7.”

Later, when asked about how HP plans to grow revenues in 2014, Whitman mentioned these non-Windows devices again.

“Listen, if we have the right product priced right, the channel still loves HP, and they want to sell in our [PC] products whether it’s to small businesses, medium-sized business or the enterprise. And, frankly, having Android products helps a lot. This $169 Slate helps covers a segment of the market we didn’t have before.”

Notice that she didn’t mention Windows.

Here’s the chart shared with analysts today:

HP PC unit revenues

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