Why Are We Pretending HP Didn't Rip Off Apple's iMac Design?

HP announced a new all-in-one touchscreen PC called the Spectre One today that’s designed to run Windows 8.

With the Spectre One, HP seems to be following the same strategy as other Windows 8 hardware partners, creating a variety of funky touchscreen devices and hoping consumers gravitate to one form factor.

But unlike its competitors, HP’s all-in-one design is almost a complete ripoff of Apple’s iMac. Even the wireless trackpad and keyboard look like the one you can get with the iMac. 

Here’s a look at HP’s Spectre One (and accessories) next to Apple’s iMac:

hp spectre

Photo: HP

imac with trackpad

Photo: Apple

See the difference? Yeah, neither do I.

That went largely unnoticed by the tech press this morning after the embargo lifted on the announcement. (Well, I’m sure they noticed, but decided not to say so for some reason.) One of the great opportunities Windows 8 gives manufacturers is the ability to create unique product designs. But here HP seems to think copying Apple is the right choice. It isn’t.

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