HP's NEW PROBOOK: Taking Aim At The MacBook Pro [REVIEW]


Introducing the HP ProBook 5330m.

Despite being aimed at business customers, the first thing we noticed about this laptop was its sleekness.

The shiny aluminium body and low weight takes plenty of cues from the consumer world (I’m looking at you, Apple). Sure, it’s a machine for replying to your boss’ pestering emails via Outlook, but the device itself looks spectacular.

It’s not all cosmetic, though. The ProBook has worthwhile hardware under the hood. This feisty machine packs a 320 GB hard drive and an i5 processor running at 2.5 GHz into a four-pound package, making it light and powerful. It’s more than capable for your email, web browsing, and video playback. Die-hard PC gamers playing the latest games might run into some trouble, but generally speaking, this thing can handle what you throw at it.

HP’s website boasts that the battery life on this guy is up to 5 hours and 45 minutes. After moderate use for three hours of web browsing and YouTube, I got the battery down to about 30%, so you can expect to use it reliably for a little longer than that.

If you’re a Windows veteran, the Windows 7 operating system looks great on this computer. But this thing comes loaded with more HP-branded crapware than I knew what to do with. And if you try to ignore it, it’ll pop up again and again to remind you it exists. I pressed the escape key a lot.

The Bottom Line
If your job dictates that you use Windows, you’ll do quite well with the ProBook. It looks great, it feels great while typing, and the components are quality enough that it’ll last you a long time. I’m a fan of the price tag as well — depending on the options you want, you can walk away with one for a mere $800. If you can work around the pre-loaded garbage utilities, then this one’s a winner.

Here's the ProBook 5330m

All the necessary ports for audio, Ethernet, and USB

More ports for HDMI and eSATA

The aluminium body has a great look

Three buttons across the top for your wifi, browser, and volume control

It comes with a biometric lock

The keyboard is very comfortable to type on

The matte screen looks great

Road warriors won't have any problem using it to work remotely

Overall, I liked it very much

Interested in a tablet instead?

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