HP Announced Its New Android Phablets With This Sarcastic Note To Journalists

HP Slate PhabletsHPHP’s New Android Slate Phablets

As expected, HP officially launched two new smartphone/tablet devices today.

It’s been promising to re-enter the mobile market since 2012. The device will only be available in India.

Also as expected, the specs on these first devices aren’t particularly amazing: There’s a 6-inch and a 7-inch model, they are 3G/WiFi, there’s some sort of quad-core CPU (rumour is, it’s from Intel), and a 2 megapixel front camera and 5 megapixel rear camera.

But what caught our eye was the blog post that HP posted on the device, in which HP blogger Darren Gladstone tells editors not to bother asking for more details:

EDITOR’S NOTE: Here’s what you need to know, up front: These are currently launching in India — no word about anywhere else. Since you’re asking, I don’t have any additional availability or pricing information to share at this point. And, no, I also can’t tell you the meaty stuff you want to know like which Quad Core processors are under the hood or the screen resolution. So anything you read here is a cruel tease — unless you have a trip to India planned for late February.

So there you go. HP is somewhat officially back in mobile, in one country, with a device of unknown cost with some unknown specs and, if you want to know more, you simply have to hop on a plane.

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