HP Loses Another Long-Time Board Member

Sari Baldauf Nokia HP
Sari Baldauf

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Yet another HP board member has decided to take a hike. Sari Baldauf will end her tenure in March.Baldauf has been on the HP board since 2006. She hails from Nokia where she served as Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Networks business group until 2005.

HP hasn’t issued a statement about Baldauf’s departure, but the company filed an 8K form to the SEC today, reports AllThingsD.

Here’s all the light that 8K form shed:

“On January 18, 2012, Sari M. Baldauf notified the Board of Directors of Hewlett-Packard Company (“HP”) that she will not stand for re-election at the next annual meeting of stockholders. Ms. Baldauf will continue to serve as a director of HP until HP’s next annual meeting of stockholders, which is scheduled to be held on March 21, 2012.”

HP’s board has been in just as much turmoil as its CEO office. About a year ago, four directors left and were replaced with five. When Meg Whitman took the job as CEO, she famously declared that she wanted to “get the drama” out of the headlines.

The departure of another board member isn’t the most dramatic thing the HP board has been though. But considering that there are 13 board members, not including CEO Whitman, the turnover rate is pretty darn high.