HP Loses An Important Big Data Exec As Chris Lynch Leaves

Chris Lynch

Photo: Vertica

Chris Lynch has left HP, Silicon Angle reports.Lynch came on board a year ago when HP acquired Vertica for a reported $350+ million.

It’s not terribly surprising that he left when his one-year golden handcuffs were unlocked. But its still a big loss for HP. Lynch was the turnaround king at Vertica. He grew Vertica to $84 million in revenue in 2011 and snapped up an impressive client list including Twitter, Zynga, AOL and Groupon.

But he was knocked out of the big data top spot at HP by Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch. HP’s term for “big data” is “information management.” Last fall, HP formed a new information management business group, combining Autonomy with Vertica and turned the group over to Mike Lynch, who reports directly to Whitman.

HP’s big data hopes rest heavily on both Autonomy and the technology it gleaned from Vertica.

As for Lynch, there’s no way we’ve heard the last of him. With his experience in one of the hottest new markets, big data, we expect to see him soon launching — or at least investing in — one or more big data startups. Silicon Angle says he vowed to do just that last month.

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