HP Looks Like It Wants To Sell WebOS Rather Than licence It

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HP’s developer relations head Richard Kerris just tweeted this about the company’s shutdown of the Palm hardware business:”HPWebOS is an awesome software platform and now we can explore the best hardware partner for it.”

Note the word “partner” instead of “partners.

So it looks like HP will try and sell WebOS rather than licensing it broadly.

Google’s purchase of Motorola earlier this week might make WebOS look a lot more attractive to Android partners like Samsung and HTC. But HP is probably not going to get anywhere near the $1.2 billion that it paid.

Now it’s pretty clear why HP replaced Jon Rubinstein as head of the WebOS group a few weeks ago. Rubinstein was the CEO of Palm and WebOS was kind of his baby. It’s got to hurt seeing HP give up on it so quickly.