HP Is Not Working On A Secret Windows 8 Consumer Tablet

Hp Slate 4x3

HP’s first Windows 8 tablet is going to be for business users, not consumers.

HP is not working on a Windows RT tablet that runs an ARM processor, the company told Business Insider.

But it is continuing to toy with the idea of some kind of ARM-based device. Android perhaps?

A spokesperson told us: “We continue to look at using ARM processors in business and consumer products; however, our first Win 8 tablet will be on the x86 platform focused on the business market. The decision to go with x86 was influenced by input from our customers. The robust and established ecosystem of x86 applications provides the best customer experience at this time and in the immediate future.”

Microsoft recently punched HP (and Dell) in the gut by releasing its own fancy-pants Surface tablet, which will directly compete with them. Microsoft is also planning to charge a lot of money to OEMs for the RT operating system. This will drive up their costs and make it hard for them to price their tablets low enough.

A new rumour circulated that HP had been working on a low-end, consumer oriented Windows RT tablet but got angry at Microsoft over the Surface and abandoned RT. Windows RT on ARM is different from Windows 8. It won’t run older Windows 7 software, so it isn’t likely to be popular with businesses. The rumour suggested that HP would develop an ARM-based Android device for consumers instead.

HP has never publicly talked about a Windows RT consumer tablet or an Android tablet.

With no Windows ARM tablet in the works, will HP completely ignore the consumer tablet market altogether? Seems unlikely.  We wouldn’t be shocked to see an HP Android tablet one day and soon.

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