HP Has “Almost 600 Engineers” Working On WebOS

Todd Bradley and Jon Rubenstein

[credit provider=”Robert Scoble”]

The head of HP’s consumer hardware business, Todd Bradley, faced a grilling on Bloomberg West last night, and while he didn’t offer much new information about the company’s plans, he did offer one bit of surprising information: WebOS has almost 600 engineers working on it.That’s a lot of people to invest in a platform that has never had more than a couple points of market share — especially now that HP itself has gotten out of the Palm hardware business.

By way of comparison, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google’s Android team had only 150 engineers in 2009, when it was getting off the ground, and now has “several hundred.”

Bradley also said that he definitely wants to keep running HP’s PC business if it gets spins off, and denied reports that he’s been looking for other jobs.

 Here’s the full interview: