Why Couldn't HP Find A CEO Inside The Company?

todd bradley

We’ve been in contact with two dozen or so HP employees in the past few days trying to sort out what they think of Leo Apotheker, their new CEO. 

One thing we’ve wondered about — How come HP didn’t hire from within? Has that affected the company and the people that were passed up?

There’s a lot of animosity at HP directed at high level employees. So many of the company’s rank and file were thrilled nobody was promoted to the top slot.

They hope Apotheker will take the company in a new direction towards services, software, and solutions, rather than towards products/hardware.

But what about the incumbents that were passed over? How do they feel?

One exec tells us Todd Bradley, who leads the mobile/PC group and was seen from the outside as a potential CEO, might quit.

He says, “I think the only individual that HP might be at risk of losing would be Bradley.  I don’t think Ann, VJ, or Donatelli would leave voluntarily. “

(That’s Ann Livermore, head of enterprise; Vyomesh Joshi, head of printers; David Donatelli, head of enterprise servers.)

Another employee who saw Bradley recently says he seems fine.

We also hear that if Bradley was promoted to CEO, then CIO Randy Mott would have walked. So, maybe HP left both in place hoping neither would leave.

If you have any thoughts about why HP couldn’t find a CEO inside the company, or how it’s affect the company hit us up at [email protected] anonymity guaranteed.

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