HP Denies That's A Real HP Android Phone Being Leaked All Over The Internet

attached imageThis is not HP’s new phone.

Various HP executives, right up to CEO Meg Whitman, have promised that the PC maker is working on a new smartphone.

HP won’t say when this phone is coming, although Whitman very clearly said the phone would not be released in 2013.

Leaked photos surfaced this week of an alleged HP phone called the HP Brave published by Phone Arena.

Phone Arena also published some alleged specs on it.

Unfortunately, it looks like this phone is not for real.

“This is not an HP phone,” an HP spokesperson told us. “The photo is a fabrication; it is not a photo of anything HP has in the works. Someone is making stuff up.”

HP promised that it’s still working on a phone, but that it’s “not giving a timetable.”

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