HP Is Almost Ready To Take On Amazon And Microsoft In The Cloud

HP's cloud VP Biri SinghHP’s cloud VP Biri Singh

Photo: HP

Looks like HP’s cloud will finally be open and ready for business in about two months.That’s the timeline that a senior HP exec told the New York Times.

HP opened its cloud last September but only as a private beta. When it finally launches in 2012 it will be years behind the likes of Amazon, RackSpace, IBM, Microsoft, Google and others. But better late than never.

Zorawar “Biri” Singh, senior vice president and general manager of H.P.’s cloud services told the Times how HP plans to compete. He hinted that it won’t be about beating Amazon or others on price … which would be pretty hard to do. Amazon recently lowered prices and can be used for as little as 2 cents per hour.

Instead, HP will go after the big data phenom, by including structured and unstructured databases and data analytics as a service. Note that Amazon also has multiple database options available — and recently announced an unstructured “noSQL” database as a service, too. And IBM has long been offering various flavours of analytics in its cloud, too.

HP will also offer a bunch of software languages through its cloud like Ruby, Java, and PHP — making it go head-to-head with clouds offered by Google, Microsoft and lots of others, such as Salesforce.com’s Heroku.

Despite its late start, HP could still do well with its cloud. Customers of its servers and network gear will be its low-hanging fruit, as enterprises build out their so-called “hybrid clouds.” This is where apps can be easily transferred between a datacenter and a cloud.

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