HP Promises Not To Force Students To Work In Its Chinese Factories

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Chinese students are sometimes ordered to work long hours in factories.

That’s one way factories there cope with sudden upswings in demand, reports The New York Times.

HP just told its Chinese suppliers that they can’t do that anymore.

HP has limited the number of students its factories can hire. It also told suppliers that all students and temp workers must be voluntary workers and that means they must be “free to leave” the factory “without negative repercussions.”

It also told them they can’t abuse these workers in a bunch of other ways.

HP isn’t the first to push its Chinese suppliers to improve working conditions. After a lot of public outcry, Apple joined the Fair labour Association last year. But then its main supplier, Foxconn, landed in hot water again over this whole issue of allegedly forcing students to work and calling them interns.

For all the struggles and drama that constantly embroils HP, we applaud the company for taking this step.