Howard Stern Says He Was Threatened By NBC For Ripping Apart Jay Leno

Howard Stern

Howard Stern says an NBC exec wasn’t happy with what he had to say about late host, Jay Leno.

Howard Stern should watch what he says about his NBC comrades because the big wigs may not be so happy.  The network’s “America’s Got Talent” judge took to his SiriusXM Radio show last Monday to rip apart “Tonight Show” host, Jay Leno.  

After Leno took an estimated $5-10 million cut from his hefty $30 million pay check to save staff jobs, Stern suggested the late-show host wasn’t doing that at all. Instead, he claimed Leno was hiding behind NBC for the 20 people who were laid off.  

“It’s all horse—-,” said Stern. “It’s bull—- It’s a smokescreen…Here’s what it really means, and you can take this to the bank: Jay Leno is a scumbag. That’s what that means. He’s a spineless maggot. Jay wanted to cut staff. He’s embarrassed to do it. He didn’t want to come off as a bad guy. NBC took the hit for him, because they’re a corporation…My bull—- meter.”

The following day, Stern went on air to share that one NBC exec didn’t like what he had to say about the late-night host.

“I got a threatening kind of comment from one of the executives,” said Stern. “I was laughing my arse off. I said: ‘Do not tell me to not talk about Jay Leno. I will f—ing talk about Jay Leno for four hours if you tell me not to. I was done with Jay, now I’m all fired up again. F— Jay!”

Stern went on to note the exec accused him of having no insider knowledge of what goes on with budget cuts at the network before telling them to back off. 

“I don’t answer to anybody, everyone knows that,” said Stern. “That’s part of the game and that’s why I’m a great judge — I would tell people if they sucked.”

Poking fun at the late-night host isn’t anything new to the radio host. Stern previously bashed Leno on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

Despite the recent quip, Stern has made clear he has no qualms about his working relationship with the network.

“I love my job on ‘AGT,'” said Stern. “I love working for the people at NBC, they’ve been nothing but wonderful, but please don’t tell me what to say.”

Listen to original audio of Howard discussing NBC’s exec threat below: 

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