Howard Sattler Thinks He Should Have Kept His Job, Other Presenters Have Said Worse


Howard Sattler thinks it was unfair of Perth radio station 6PR to sack him for asking if the Prime Minister of Australia’s boyfriend was gay, as other radio hosts have said worse and kept their jobs.

According to the Australian Associated Press, Sattler said this to the Seven Network this morning:

“What about these people – people who grilled a 13-year-old rape victim, a threat to hunt down a female journalist, harass the English nurse to subsequent suicide, say that Julia Gillard’s father died of shame over her policies, that Ms Gillard should be bagged and dumped into the sea.”

Photo: 6PR

It took less than 24-hours for the Fairfax-owned station to fire the shock jock after he asked if Tim Mathieson’s — who is a hairdresser — was gay.

Sattler also told Seven he would not do it again as he needed his job.

Also, he claimed he was actually fired as a result of his diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease, which caused him to slur his speech. Fairfax said he was fired for being disrespectful.

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