BarCap Vice Chairman Caused A 4-Car Collision And Got A DWI Last Weekend


Howard Clark, the vice chairman of investment banking at BarCap, caused a 4-car collision in Scarsdale, New York, last Friday night.

He was found with a — huge — .24% BAC, arrested and given a DWI. (A .40 % is the lethal dose for 50% of the population.)

Clark only admitted that he had two glasses of wine while dining at a Larchmont Country Club, according to the Scarsdale News.

He blamed the accident on his “daydreaming.” He lives in Greenwich.

To his credit, Clark was sharp enough to make the police wait until they took him to the hospital before administered the Breathalyzer, giving his body a few precious minutes to process the alcohol.

Once breathalyzed, police found Clark’s blood alcohol content to be equivalent to a 170-pound person who’s had 11 drinks, according to this chart. The University of Michigan classifies people who have BAC’s in the range .20% to .24% as “disoriented, needs help to stand and walk, vomiting & blackouts likely, passing out possible.” (Click here to download the report.) Keep in mind that’s for college kids and not men over 50, who probably have a higher tolerance.

After the Breathalyzer, Clark was released on $250 bail.