And This Is How You Get A Concussion Playing Football

There were two plays that stood out this past weekend in college football.

One play involved a 300-pound defensive lineman German suplexing a 180-pound running back on his head, and the other involved a vicious helmet-to-helmit collision where the sticker on one player’s helmet went flying.

Here’s the vicious WWE-style takedown:

And here’s the sticker hit:

Fortunately, all the players involved in these plays were OK. 

The CBS announcers in the first video, Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson, immediately called for a suspension for LaMichael Fanning, the player who delivered the vicious suplex. With that type of disregard for another player’s well-being, Fanning should consider himself lucky if he only receives a short-term suspension.

In the “Sticker Loss” video, running back-turned-analyst Eddie George declared Donnell Kirkwood’s 7 yard run his “Greatest Play of the Day.”

Problem is, Eddie George has suffered concussions throughout his playing career and should understand that these are the types of plays that shouldn’t be encouraged in any level of football.

As it should be, player safety has become the most important issue in football, and brutal hits like the ones delivered by Fanning and Kirkwood shouldn’t be glorified anymore.

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