Every College Grad Should Hear Wendy Williams' Story About Struggling To Make It Big

Wendy Williams is better known for her larger-than-life radio personality and, as of late, her popular daytime talk show, “The Wendy Williams Show.” 

But in a candid interview with The Wall Street Journal’s Lee Hawkins, Williams lets her hair down and opens up about what it took to break through the glass ceiling in talk radio. 

Williams, a New Jersey native, was so desperate for a shot at getting on air after graduating college that she lived out of her car and worked for less than $4/hour at her first job, a tiny radio station in the Virgin Islands. 

“I was very poor, but I was happy,” Williams said. “I’ve never been motivated by money. I’m motivated by quality of life.” 

Less than a year later, she landed a gig at a D.C. station, where she worked weekdays. She spent weekends commuting to Queens, N.Y. for another radio job. Even though she knew family and friends in the city, she skipped visits in favour of sleeping out of her car, preferring to avoid anyone who was un-supportive of her goal. 

“I would sleep in my Subaru,” she said. “I would sleep at every rest stop between New York and Washington, D.C. to block out the noise of people telling me I couldn’t do it.” 

For more, check out Hawkins’ interview with Williams below: 

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