The Ultimate Quiz: How Well Do You REALLY Know Wall Street?

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Wall Street isn’t just the financial capital of the world, it’s a place full of historic, beautiful architecture as well.Chances are if you work in the financial district, you think know the area pretty well.

So now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

We went around and photographed iconic Wall Street and financial district buildings and places. We’ll first show you a close up shot that’s a bit obscured along with a hint as to what the photo’s subject is. Then the next slide will reveal the shot in full, along with the answer. Give it your best.

Test your knowledge of Wall Street >

This is a very famous hand that belongs to...?

George Washington's statue outside of Federal Hall

This red statue of a branch can be found next to what church?

Trinity Church

11 Wall Street is the address off...?

The New York Stock Exchange.

This golden T is clearly the first letter in...?

The Trump Building

Whose Co. looks like this?

Tiffany's, baby! Time for breakfast.

The only place where you can buy cigarettes 24 hours a day is at...

Cafe Hanover - Wall Street's only 24-hour deli

This colourful corridor is above which famous happy hour bar?


recognise the globe? You should! It's right outside of...

85 Broad - Goldman Sachs' old home

Where would these stairs take you, Rocky?

The Alexander Hamilton Custom House

Happy Spring! You can find these bright red flowers in...?

Bowling Green Park

These two brass bulbs hang down from...?

The Wall Street Bull's hind!

This paper aeroplane-ish logo belongs to...?

BNY Mellon!

Bonus: Can you guess what's inside this bottle? It's not rum....

This logo would not look good shaved into your head but... (Hint: it's sideways)

John Allan's gives a great shave!

American Stock Exchange Building

This is a small piece of the very distinct statue outside of...?

Brown Brothers Harriman

A tree is engraved into the edifice of...?

The old Woolworth's Building

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Answer: Our own, Vince Veneziani!
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