How Twitter Got Us Through The Great Facebook Outage Of 2010

great depression

The unthinkable happened on the Internet yesterday: for literally minutes, Facebook was down.

People couldn’t load Facebook ‘like’ buttons on sites across the Internet were broken. Attempts to share accomplishments on mobile apps like Foursquare through Facebook’s API failed. The world was thrown back into the dark ages.

So, what do people do when none of their favourite technology is working? They go on Twitter to complain about it, make fun of it, and generally freak out, of course.

The Facebook outage created THREE more trending topics for Facebook on top of 'Mark Zuckerberg'

PANIC! What's going on here?

Here's the most cynical explanation we came across

Has Facebook's CEO had a change of heart on the importance of privacy?

Ah, mystery solved

... or is it?

The outage had far-reaching consequences

... and the repercussions are just starting to be felt

People had to find other ways to keep social

Even those who *tried* to switch gears couldn't let the hashtag go

Note that this brilliant piece of viral marketing worked like a charm

Ludacris wasn't the only person trying to profit off of Facebook's loss

Yes. Yes it does.


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