How Top Wall Street Fat Cats Lose Weight

The number one New Year’s resolution is to lose weight.

Neel Kashkari and Jamie Dimon have done it and there are many more traders, CEOs, and hedge fund managers who have done a great job losing weight despite demanding careers and junk food-filled offices.

What great guys to model your own New Year’s diet after!

See how Wall Street fat cats shed the pounds — >

M2's David Marcus lost 45 pounds.

Marcus had a weakness for Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

When his hedge fund MarcStone lost $65 million in 2001, Marcus vowed to make a comeback. He started a new hedge fund, M2, and lost 45 lbs.

Source: NY Magazine

Citadel's Ken Griffin lost 20 pounds.

Griffin gained 20 pounds as his funds lost $9 billion in 2008.

Then Citadel rebounded 56 per cent through September and he trimmed back down.

Source: Bloomberg

Galorath's Dan Galorath lost 100 pounds.

Galorath, founder and CEO of software company Galorath Inc, stopped exercising after he was 40.

Then he ditched office snacks, started a 1,000 calorie/day diet and lost 100 pounds.

Source: WSJ

Image Credit: The Wall Street Journal

Lloyd Blankfein got skinny.

Back in the day, Blankfein used to be chubby. Now he's revamped his entire image and slimmed down a lot.

Maybe in exchange for God's work, God gave Blankfein zero-calorie Manna?

Source: NY Mag

Bear Stearns' Guy Irace lost 40 pounds.

Irace (right) lost his job on the bond desk, he dropped 40 pounds and moved back to Long Island to teach.

Source: Bloomberg

Image source: Chaminade News

Allen R Stanford lost 40 pounds.

Stanford is in jail for fraud, which is horrible. But on the upside, he has lost 40 lbs behind bars.

Source: Guardian

Citi's Cindi Armine lost 45 pounds

Before she interviewed at Citi in 2006, Armine, now the bank's CCO, took up boxing and lost 45 pounds. Maybe she could spar with...

Source Fortune

Image credit: Citi

Jamie Dimon got in shape.

When Sandy Weill fired Dimon from Citi in 1998, he started boxing.

He says, 'I got in shape and burned off the excess anger and energy.'

Source: USA Today

Neel Kashkari lost 20 pounds.

Being in charge of $700 billion was horrible for Neel Kashkari's health.

Hank Paulson told him he was fat. Kashkari says his 'biceps felt like bags of jello.' And he used to be one of the sexiest men alive!

Then he moved to the woods, started mountain biking, and lost 20 lbs.

Source: Washington Post

Dick Fuld doesn't need to diet.

Then there's the ex Lehman CEO Dick Fuld, who doesn't need to diet.

He burns up every calorie using sheer, natural intensity. Execs used to order him a mid-morning snack to keep him going, ribs.

Everyone else - good luck and Happy New Year!

Oh, and if you've had too much health, check out where Wall Street guys get drunk -- >

Source: NY Mag

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