Here's How Victoria's Secret Photoshops Its Models

From Photoshopping facelifts to digitally deleting a model’s rib cage, advertisers are regularly guilty of excessively retouching photos.

But often the manipulations are more subtle than a missing limb and, therefore, go unnoticed.

Jezebel’s Jenna Sauers got her hands on supermodel Doutzen Kroes Victoria’s Secret bikini photoshoot — both pre and post-op — and marked the changes.

“Many of the differences between the retouched and raw photographs are not terribly shocking,” Sauers writes, apart from the “magical, fake, golden light of Photoshop.” But it’s fascinating to note even model Doutzen Kroes isn’t perfect enough for VS.

Here’s an obvious example: This tankini is having an identity crisis. But even though the photo’s most obvious change is the suit’s new colour and length, Kroes’ body was altered in editing as well. Gone are expression lines and a chunk of skin between her arm and back.

Victoria's Secret

Photo: Victoria’s Secret

Go to Jezebel for more images.

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