How Unique Is Done: Nubeo Arctic Snowmobile Adventure Chrono Watch Review


One of the things I love most about watches is the ability to be creative with how you present one. This means showing the time in a traditional way but having the watch look unique, or alternatively to display the time itself in a unique way.

Such creative opportunity has attracted unique minds from all walks of life to participate in horology – and whether or not I like the outcome, I love the diversity.

The Nubeo brand is one that offers diversity I really like. Offering something extremely unique, Nubeo watches also seem to do it with a high level of refinement and sophistication. I am unclear of exactly what is going on with the quiet Nubeo brand, but you should be familiar at least with what they have done in the past – for me, this is really a one-of-a-kind gem. Released a few years ago, this piece is the Arctic Snowmobile Adventure Chronograph Limited Edition watch.  It is one of two pieces that Nubeo made for a little snowmobile endurance race they sponsored in the arctic (duh). The race also has some cool outfits made and if you have one of those jackets (as a few people do), consider yourself incredibly lucky.

Coming from the Jellyfish collection, the Snowmobile Adventure watch (as I will call it) was a sort of  evolutionary step between the Jellyfish (see hands-on here) and the later Black Mamba watch (see hands-on here – which didn’t quite make it to retail yet as I understand). The Jellyfish name comes from how the watch is meant to appear from the side with the straps held down. Nubeo’s talented designer Ivan Castro is fascinated by the incorporation of organic shapes into industrial design. The watch includes the look of a Jellyfish, with vertebrae like structures in the strap (which are actually black ceramic inserts), as well as a range of other beautiful curves mixed with into the time telling machine.

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