Inside Trojan's Factory, Where They Make More Than 1 Million Condoms Every Day

trojan condom tour

Photo: Screengrab from trojanbrandcondoms on YouTube

Trojan is the most popular condom brand in the U.S. It claims over 70 per cent of all drug store condom purchases — that’s four times the market share of industry number two Durex.So how does a massive condom maker like Trojan churn out more than one million condoms every day and ship them all around the world? 

The condoms are manufactured by parent Church & Dwight, which produces dozens of varieties under the Trojan name — from Magnum to Ecstasy.

Trojan gave viewers an inside peek into what goes on within the walls of its fascinating American factory.

It all starts with the latex, which is what most condoms are made from. It's stored in these big vats

This is the manufacturing line where hundreds of condoms are churned out every minute

The dipping process starts with these custom glass molds, which produce a variety of condom types

3,000 molds run on each side of the dipping line. They're dipped twice to ensure that the layer is solid

Then the latex ring at the bottom of the condom is formed

The condoms are stripped off the molds, which get washed and dried in preparation for their next cycle

They're dipped in a solution that gives them a smooth feel

Meanwhile, the entire process is monitored by staff to assure consistency

Each condom is electronically tested on one of these stainless steel shafts, which are called mandrels. The test pad is electrified, and if the circuit is completed, that means there's a defect

The condoms are nearly at the end of the assembly line. Now, they get placed in their final wrapper, where two foil webs are heat-sealed together

As they're wrapped, the condoms are simultaneously injected with lubrication

The machines both test and wrap the condoms

Workers do plenty of manual quality-control tests on batches of condoms that made it through the line

This is the air inflation test, which checks elasticity and strength. They can usually handle as much air as it would take to inflate a basketball

The tensile test stretches out the width of the condom. Most can enlarge up to 750% of their original width

Teams of in-house scientists run various tests in the chemical lab too

The plate test checks for consistency and uniformity of the latex

And the HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) machine tests the quality of the lubricant that they put on the condoms

At the very end of the line, the condoms are packaged in Trojan brand boxes and readied for shipping

All done. The condoms are warehoused and sent all around the world

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