How To Write A GREAT Business Plan

Verizon webinar

Join us Wednesday, 2/10, at 2pm ET for a free webinar by Henry Blodget, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of Business Insider.  Henry will share the secrets to “How to Write a GREAT Business Plan.”

There can be no productivity without a plan in place. This is especially true when creating a new business. In this webinar you’ll learn why you need a business plan and where to start creating one. You will also discover must-include elements such as the problem your product solves, how to size up your competition, and what you should include for financials. As a bonus, you’ll learn how to make a great elevator pitch. Join us! Click here to register. The webinar is one in a series from Verizon’s Small Business centre. Next up? John Jantsch on how to attract new customers to your brand. See a scheduled and archived webinars. You’ll find more useful advice on Verizon’s Small Business Blog, including tips on social networking, marketing, and relevant products and services from Verizon.Find out more about Sponsor Posts.

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