How To Watch Yahoo Shareholder Meeting LIVE*

The Yahoo shareholder meeting is likely to be one hell of an anti-climax, but for those who want to watch, here’s the link. It’s starts at 10AM PT.

Yes, shareholders will vent and, yes, Yahoo will elect a few new board members. But the only real drama is who will fill Carl Icahn’s third board seat. The leading candidates, apparently, are Frank Biondi (Ran Viacom a hundred years ago before Sumner Redstone canned him) and John Chapple, the ex head of Nextel.

UPDATE: So it might be a bit more interesting: Former AOL CEO Jon Miller, who was supposed to come aboard with Icahn and a candidate to be named later, may be wavering. And it turns out that two of Icahn’s three slots (he’ll get one) don’t have to get filled for up to two weeks following the meeting. So this may drag on a while longer.

Other than that, gadfly shareholders will likely stomp their feet and rant at Jerry for blowing the Microsoft deal, and then everyone will go home again.

The meeting starts at 10AM Pacific Time. It’s at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose. You couldn’t pay us enough to liveblog it, but we’ll be listening. So check back here for updates!

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