How To Watch Today's Apple Event LIVE

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Apple is expected to unveil new iPods, a new version of iTunes, and perhaps a new streaming TV device today at an event today in San Francisco.

For the first time in years, Apple will be presenting a LIVE video stream of its announcements. But there is a catch: You must be using relatively up-to-date Apple equipment to watch the stream.

Specifically, the stream will be available to people with Macs running Safari on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 3.0 or newer, or an iPad. (Though MacRumors’ Arnold Kim says other users may be able to perform a geeky workaround, which could allow them to at least watch parts of the video.)

The live stream will begin at 1 p.m. ET, 10 a.m. PT, at

SAI will also be providing live coverage and analysis of the event. Visit our homepage all day for the latest. (Especially if Apple’s live stream can’t handle the stress.)

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