How To Watch Tiger Woods' Press Conference Online

Elin Whispering To Tiger Woods

After three months in hiding, Tiger Woods will appear before cameras today at 11 a.m. EST from the PGA’s headquarters in Florida. He’s set to apologise, explain himself and perhaps announce a return to the golf course.

ESPN will have live streaming video online. So will CBS News’s USTREAM and MSNBC.

YouTube is also broadcasting it live on its politics channel CitizenTube.

On TV, ABC, CBS and NBC will air the statement live. The Golf Channel will have “pregame” coverage a half hour before Woods is scheduled to speak to a small group of “friends, colleagues and close associates.”

Mark Steinberg, Woods’ agent, told the press on Wednesday, “This is not a press conference.” But AP, Reuters and Bloomberg reporters were invited to be in the room. He’ll speak into just one television camera, which will broadcast live coverage via satellite. And he won’t be taking additional questions.

Watch the Hulu broadcast:

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