How to watch the US presidential debate online and on TV in Australia

Photo: Paul J. Richards/ AFP/ Getty Images.

US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are about to meet for the second presidential debate.

It comes after the revelation of Trump’s lewd comments about women, which some commentators believe has shaken his campaign to its core.

Evan Siegfried, a Republican strategist and commentator, suggests the unguarded comments are so devastating that it is next to impossible for Trump to recover from them.

As the Republican party reels in the aftermath of the leak, Trump will need to demonstrate he remains a credible candidate in the next debate.

The candidates will be fielding questions from both the moderators and audience members, as well as home viewer questions.

With less than a month to go until election day, and in light of the recent event, it is expected to be fiery.

Want to see how it all plays out? Business Insider will have live updates of the debate when it kicks off. We’ll have a link for you soon.

And here’s how to watch the debate elsewhere online and for free when it kicks off at 12pm AEDT today.

On television

Free-to-air: Watch the debate on Channel 7, Channel Nine, SBS or ABC.

Pay TV: Watch it on Sky News Live and the Sky News Election Channel via Foxtel.


YouTube: Watch the coverage by NBC.

Twitter: Watch the coverage by Bloomberg.

Facebook: Watch the coverage by ABC.

Or listen to it

NPR: Listen in via, on Facebook, or through the NPR One apps.

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