How To Watch The Ryder Cup Live While You're Stuck At Work

Tiger Woods, In Your Face

Photo: Mark Pain, UK Daily Mail

The beautiful Welsh weather has pushed the Ryder Cup and its traditional showcase–the one-on-one match play round–to Monday morning, which is exactly the time when your evil boss has insisted that you return to work. So how are you going to keep track of the thrilling conclusion?Well, assuming you have a solid door on your office, or cubicle mates who won’t rat you out, there are options for workplace viewing:

TV: NBC and ESPN apparently have more important things to do on Mondays, so broadcast coverage has been dumped all the way to USA Network. If there happens to be a television with cable in your office, good luck finding it on the dial.

Internet: If you’re relying only on an solid internet connection, the official Ryder Cup website has a live simulcast of the NBC sports broadcast. We’ve only watched a little bit of it, but the quality is surprisingly strong and not limited to a few random holes or highlights.

Radio: Yes, you can listen to golf on radio. The PGA has an XM satellite station offering live coverage and the internet has other options as well.

Mobile: Any number of mobile sports apps and websites (ESPN, Yahoo, etc.) will allow you to follow the scoring online, in nearly real-time. The Ryder Cup even has its own official iPhone app that promises “live video and follow along live radio coverage from Celtic Manor’s holes 2, 6, 12 & 17 … with the premium content in-app upgrade ($1.99).”

P.S. Click here to see the full size version of that amazing of photo of Tiger Woods and his rapidly approaching golf ball. It is real and was snapped by photographer Mark Pain (working for the UK’s Daily Mail) who was in the wrong place at just the right time when Woods shanked a chip shot directly at him this weekend. It was one of those happy accidents that resulted in one of the most unique and riveting sports photographs you’ll ever see.

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